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Saline solution for your piercings

Published on 30 April 2022 at 09:05

Saline solution for your piercings
Using a saline solution for your piercings is perhaps one of the easiest and most gentle methods of caring for your piercings. Saline solution helps to remove waste products and scabs in a mild, non-irritating way. In addition, when used correctly, a saline solution does not dry out the skin and you can use it for a longer, continuous period without any problem. If you use a ready-made saline solution, you will always have a saline solution in just the right proportion on hand. Handy for when you need to take care of your piercings on the go!


Which saline solution should you choose?
There are several products with saline solution available. In our shop you will find, for example, the well-known blue bottle from Easypiercing, but also saline spray from Cleany Skin. The advantage of all these items is that they are easy to use and you can take them anywhere. In addition, they are in sterile packaging, so you are provided with a clean dose of aftercare for your piercings at any location.


How do you use a ready-made saline solution?
Using a saline solution is really super easy. Spray a little saline on your piercing, wipe off the excess with a clean cloth and you're done! Sterile gauzes are then easy to have in your pocket. If you use a sterile salt water wipe, it's even easier. You do not have to provide a clean cloth yourself, it is already in the bag. Make sure you always work with clean hands when caring for your piercings. Now you will wash your hands more often in this Covid time, but make sure that your hands are clean while on the road. Or better yet: keep your fingers away from your (healing) piercings as much as possible.


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