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TKTX arose from the interest in all kinds of body art.

For example, think of Tattooing, piercing but also PMU treatments or placing fillers.


Tattooing and Piercing

This art form has been around for centuries but has one major drawback, at least for most of us, it is not without pain.

Pain that everyone experiences differently.

For some, pain is inextricably linked to the art of tattooing and piercing, for others, the pain is a major obstacle. Pain that you are going through to make yourself more beautiful or even, to feel more yourself. Art that doesn't hang on your wall but that you will often carry with you forever.

Fortunately, there are now several options to reduce or (almost) completely eliminate the pain. Think of the creams that are used in PMU or laser treatment. It is also becoming more and more common for Tattoos and Piercen to undergo a session without pain.

After many years watching the industry around tattoo & piercing grow,  it was time to get started our own  business.

Not with the needle, but with the products around body art.

We started with just one product  but TKTX has now built up a nice collection.

You can find everything in our webshop from numbing to aftercare for your Tattoo or Piercing and everything in between.

TKTX hopes it contributes to an even more beautiful version of you !

TKTX´s Team is ready for you!