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Hygiene after getting a Piercing is extremely important.

Your piercer can advise you on the various types of hygiene products. On our website you will find our collection of good hygiene products.

You will also receive the instruction, especially for keeping your piercing clean and tidy, from your piercer.

Below you will also find a general guideline for the aftercare of piercings.


Guidelines Rivm

Aftercare instruction piercing
Piercing creates a deep wound that needs time to heal. How
quickly this wound heals depends on the location of the piercing, the type of metal, the
professionalism of the piercer and the quality of aftercare. If you get the piercing right
cared for, it takes 4 to 12 weeks for the wound to heal.
Wash the piercing (with the exception of a tongue, lip or mouth piercing) during the
cure twice a day with a mild unscented soap. Then dab him
dry with a clean towel or tissue. Keep the piercing like this for the rest of the day
dry as possible.

During the healing process, keep the following in mind:
• Touch the piercing as little as possible.
• Do not put ointment on the wound or drip disinfectants such as
Sterilon® or Betadine® (unless a doctor tells you otherwise).
• Keep hairspray, gel or other products away from a
ear piercing come.
• Do not wear plasters over the piercing (only temporarily during exercise).
• Do not wear tight or dirty clothing over the piercing.
• Avoid (bubble) baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam baths.
• Never remove the piercing yourself.
Also pay attention to the following with an oral piercing:
• Avoid kissing and oral sex during the healing process.
• Brush your teeth regularly, preferably with a toothpaste based on
saline solution, and if necessary use a mouthwash based on a
chlorhexidine solution.

Also pay attention to the following with a genital piercing:
• Drink a glass about one hour before cleaning your genital piercing
water. This way you can pee out soap residue more quickly after washing. Soap in the
urethra can cause a bladder infection.
• Always protect genital piercings during sexual contact with an extra strong
condom (eg a condom for anal sex) or a dental dam. Preferably have
no sexual contact during the healing process.

Please note: the skin around your piercing can become red and quite red immediately after piercing
swell. This is normal. But contact your doctor if:
• you are concerned about the healing;
• you get sick or have a fever within a few days of getting the piercing
• physical complaints such as itching and redness within 48 hours after brewing
have declined;
• you suddenly get new complaints 24 hours after brewing, or the complaints worsen;
• you want to remove the piercing during the healing process (for example
due to complaints or outgrowth or rejection symptoms).