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If you have just had a tattoo, you naturally want to take care of it as well as possible afterwards. A good start is half the battle and for your tattoo to be as beautiful as possible, it must also heal properly. Aftercare for tattoos can sometimes differ and everyone has their own preferences. We have listed the most common methods for you!

Got your new tattoo, now what?

Besides a fantastic tattoo on your body, you have probably also become a bit wiser with information from your tattoo artist about aftercare of your tattoo. Of course, all these aftercare methods have the ultimate goal of having your tattoo heal as quickly and beautifully as possible. But what exactly is it all about? Below we explain which aftercare aspects can be discussed in the care of your newly placed tattoo:

Washing Essential for a hygienic healing of your tattoo: washing. Always have clean hands when taking care of a newly done tattoo, so start by washing your hands thoroughly. Then wash the tattoo with a mild, unscented soap and rinse with lukewarm water. Gently pat it dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. The first days you wash your tattoo twice a day. If healing continues smoothly, washing once a day is sufficient. In our shop you will find various fine tattoo cleansing soap that are suitable for newly tattooed skin, all without perfume and mild for your skin.

Protection film Applying a transparent protectionfilm after getting your tattoo can have advantages, but also disadvantages. The big advantage is of course that you keep fluff and other dirt out of your tattoo. Your skin also feels a little less dry, which could make the first phase of healing go more smoothly and you will have fewer problems with scabs. However, protection film can also close off your skin too much, so that it can no longer breathe properly. That can cause serious irritations, especially if your skin is normally more sensitive. There are also special tattooMed protection film available, these film are self-adhesive and remain on the tattoo during the first days.

Apply After washing and carefully patting your tattoo dry, your skin may feel quite dry. And too dry a tattoo can cause small tears and cracks which can damage the tattoo. That is why in many cases it is advised to smear your tattoo with a cream or balm. This keeps your skin supple, irritations can be reduced and your tattoo can heal as beautifully as possible. In any case, lubricate your tattoo after every wash, twice a day for the first few days. If your tattoo has healed a bit, you can still apply twice a day, with an extra application in between if your skin starts to feel very dry. Apply a little sparingly, it is not the intention that your tattoo is constantly covered under a thick layer of ointment or cream. So apply thinly, so that the product can also absorb well and do its job. 

In our shop you will find different products for washing your tattoo such as; TattooMed, TattooGoo, EasyTattoo and Bepanthen.

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