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Saline solution for your piercings

Saline solution for your piercingsUsing a saline solution for your piercings is perhaps one of the easiest and most gentle methods of caring for your piercings. Saline solution helps to remove waste products and scabs in a mild, non-irritating way. In addition, when used correctly, a saline solution does not dry out the skin and you can use it for a longer, continuous period without any problem. If you use a ready-made saline solution, you will always have a saline solution in just the right proportion on hand. Handy for when you need to take care of your piercings on the go!

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Which TKTX is stronger?

For the vast majority of people who intend to get a tattoo or any other aesthetic procedure, the fear of pain during the procedure is one of the main factors that can often make the decision difficult. We have an easy solution at your fingertips.

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Numbing cream for microblading

Want perfect-looking eyebrows without spending hours every day filling them in? Then microblading might be for you. Through a series of intricate and tiny incisions in the skin, your eyebrows will look full and vibrant.

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