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The World's Best Tattoo Numbing Cream TKTX

TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream is a revolutionary product designed to reduce the pain of tattoos. These skin numbing creams contain high doses of lidocaine, prilocaine and epinephrine to ensure that you get a painless experience when you get tattooed. We are an official European (now international) supplier of the Tattoo Numbing Cream, so you can rest assured that when you buy something from our store, you get a fast and efficient service. The TKTX brand has been on the market since 1996 and has helped millions of tattoo enthusiasts achieve a painless tattoo experience. TKTX started with 20% and was quickly followed by TKTX 35%, TKTX 38%, TKTX 39%, TKTX 40% and until the last ointment TKTX 55% Limited Edition. It is difficult to choose, because the TKTX Numb Cream comes in 7 different colors (TKTX Green / Black / Gold / Blue / Yellow / White / Red), different sales volumes and significant price differences, thus making it very difficult to choose . We also have the Deep Numbs and the Fast Numb.

Multiple applications

Stronger than 4-5% emollient lidocaine creams. It's the strongest formula, plus the active ingredient lidocaine to numb your skin in just 30 minutes, which can last up to 5 hours.
Since this product is a topical and used for the skin, it can also be used for other applications such as waxing, piercing, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, cosmetic tattooing and many more.

100% effective

We understand that getting a tattoo is painful, it is and we are happy to admit it. When we first tested this numbing cream, we were very surprised at how effective the numbing ointment is. If you perform the correct actions as in our Instructions for Use, it will also numb your skin 100% for 3 - 5 hours.

Pink cream or white cream

Pink cream or Pink cream! The makers of TKTX have deliberately chosen this to distinguish themselves from a fake product. If you have white cream, it is most likely counterfeit. That does not immediately mean that white cream does not work, because if the product contains the same ingredients as TKTX, it will of course give the same effect. We have had many customers who have bought elsewhere and have had white cream, they said that they found the numbing effect much less than our original cream. They still felt pain during the treatment and the anesthesia was short-lived. Not nice if you are working on a long session. They also indicated that there is a clear difference in the anesthetic ointment that we sell (no feeling/pain during the treatment and long-term anesthesia). Our line of TKTX including Mithra + and J-PRO Cream contain original pink cream.

Which choice?

Well all this information is great fun, but we understand that you want to know which color you need. Below we list what we recommend / advise (don't forget that they all contain the same ingredients and are very similar in effect). So if you use a different color for a different treatment that we recommend, it can do no harm. Ultimately, TKTX has 1 job and that is stun!


TKTX Deep Numbs & TKTX Fast Numb

TKTX has 2 types of anesthesia, the Deep numbs and the Fast numb. The difference has to do with the reaction time. Deep numbs take about 60 minutes or longer and the Fast numb 25 minutes or longer. We will also include this below which color has which numb.

If you find the 40% just not enough, you can opt for one of the 55% Limited Edition line.


The level of strength you need will depend on your skin type, procedure, session length and pain tolerance! Hope it's a lot easier to make your choice now.

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